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GIRLVR.com is your resource for Real and Rendered Girls in Virtual Reality and 3D. This year, 2015, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive by Valve, will launch commercial VR headsets. NEW! Rift consumer virtual reality hmd goggle due in Q1 2016.  Pre-orders in late 2015.  We are guessing you will have to upgrade your PC this Christmas Holiday season. Only then will you be ready to use the latest vr hmd, the rift.  Oculus is letting you know months in advance so you can get ready.

Summer 2016, Sony Project Morpheus will launch a Playstation.VR headset for the Playstation 4, PS4.  Millions of VR headsets will be sold for people to start enjoying virtual Reality in a massive way.

How do you prefer your virtual women? With or Without a VR HMD Headset. Real Girls or Rendered Woman. 360 or 180 Videos and Photos. 2D or 3D, Stereoscopic or Monoscopic.