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Playstation VR has arrived Oct 13 – User 360 3D Later

The long awaited Playstation VR has arrived! We have been playing with it for a few days and it does compare well with the Samsung Gear VR and the Facebook Oculus. Our favorite game was the London Heist. It had the best 3D stereoscopic effect by far. The other games, not so much. Nausea with the moving games. As for our own 360 photos: They worked well with the Media Player in 2D but 3D stereoscopic did not seem to work yet. (Even though these same 3D stereoscopic photos and videos work very well on Oculus and gear VR) Maybe Sony is planning an update later for 3D stereoscopic user-generated 360 photos and videos. (anti-3D-adult feature?) As for 360 videos: we could not get any to work in 2D or 3D. Verdict: Game play probably better than other HMDs. Optics about the same even though screen resolution not as fine on the psvr. We can not wait until all forms of vr 360 girls are possible in the future on the HTC, Oculus, Playstation vr. After stereoscopic 3D realism of even cartoon characters, maybe interaction of games is the key to immersion, more than realism of real life but fuzzy videos.
Stay tuned. The best girls vr is yet to come.
Update on Dead or Alive Xtreme 3:
18 + by Tecmo for PS4.
We ordered this game from an overseas source hoping it would work after an upgrade with the psvr. It did not work and Sony said it would not be possible to upgrade yet (if ever). (More jiggle proof anti-3d-adult feature?)