Was Christmas 2017 the year for mainstream Virtual Reality?

Was Christmas 2017 the year for mainstream Virtual Reality? Not Yet.

Yes Virginia, there are many VR products on the market this Christmas. But it just doesn’t seem mainstream yet. (Sigh.)

Many of you, like us at GIRL VR, have been anxiously awaiting the coming of mainstream VR. Over the years, you may have visited your local stores like Best buy, to see a demo of say every 3D TV that came out. Only to be disappointed. Oculus and HTC have had demos in some stores. Even the Samsung Gear VR has not captured the public’s interest enough. But on other retail areas, VR is plentiful in the form of cardboard and plastic viewers, while the quality is, well, not so much. 360 cameras are becoming more popular although most are monoscopic, instead of stereoscopic 3D.

Let’s hope the future is brighter for VR. Google has a new goggles and phone coming out. Daydream? We can only Daydream of a VR future that is fantastic. Here at Girl VR, we are still optimistic.

Our Most Popular 360 Degree Bikini Video

This month we revisit our Most Popular 360 Degree Bikini Video to date. Please visit GIRLVR on Youtube and like us and comment. www.youtube.com/channel/UCxG8N73IMZ7EQdcQ2kxJOFw If you want we will make more 360 swimsuit bikini videos. This one was taken with 3 camera views and stitched together. (6 cams at 3 views for stereoscopic version) That’sContinue Reading