Can I Just Watch Pre-Recorded VR, instead of Buying an Oculus, Gear, Vive, Hololens or Sony? Yes!

Pre-recorded DK1 example from July 2013. It can be much better now two years later in 2015.

Can I Just Watch Pre-Recorded VR, instead of Buying an Oculus, Gear, Vive, Hololens or Sony? Yes!

All you will really need to watch VR is:
pre-recorded VR content (tons of pre-recorded VR content is coming),
an inexpensive VR goggle or HMD,
and an inexpensive mobile phone.

Millions of people already have a mobile phone large enough for stereoscopic VR images.
Those people can easily get VR goggles like the $20 Google Cardboard,
or the much better $129 Zeiss VR One,
or a thousand other similar VR glasses and goggles.

Compare that small investment ($20 to $200) to what people will need to spend to see real smart fully interactive VR.
Holiday 2015:
Samsung/Oculus Gear VR Consumer Version is probably $200 Plus an $600 Phone Contract. Total around $800.
HTC Vive powered by Steam VR is probably $400 plus a powerful PC $800up. Total around $1200.
Q1 2016:
Oculus Rift Consumer version is probably $350 plus a powerful PC $800up. Total around $1150.
Q2 2016:
Sony PS4 Morpheus is probably $200up plus a PS4 $399. Total around $600.

So it is a slam dunk.
Most people just don’t have the extra money to buy an Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Sony, Hololens.
And necessity is the mother of invention.

So there will be a huge market for pre-recorded VR content.
Pre-recorded VR content will make its’ way to be
on DVDs, blu-ray and on the internet available for download.
And someone will figure out how to play those DVDs discs on a mobile phone, with a wire or wirelessly.

What about the barrel distortion for the goggle lens?
Dumb VR ought to be post-rendered with the distortion built in.
Smart VR puts in the distortion.
Goggle Lenses take out the distortion.

What is Dumb 90 degree VR?
You’ve already seen pre-recorded VR on YouTube and other sites.
Pre-recorded VR looks like a double view of the same sceen.(like movie binoculars)
But pre-recorded VR is actually a screen capture of some actual VR experience.
So someone had to buy the smart stuff and record the screen for the dumb stuff.

What is Smart 360 degree VR?
An app or Software converts the 360 degree vr into a 90 degree view of where the viewer is looking.
The viewer can only look at about 90 degrees at a time.

Do I need an App to see VR? Maybe NOT!
If a dumb 90 degree picture or video file has been made properly, (and many will not be made properly)
it might be better to look at those without an APP.
Let us repeat that.

You mean I can load a .JPG image or an .avi file on my phone and see VR? Yes!
Screen Shots
Blu Ray
The possibilities are endless.

What about Nausea?
In smart VR it is minimized, because your head movements are tracked.
In dumb VR it is much more likely, since your head movements will not match the action.
(The market will decide. Hopefully dumb vr makers will not move the smart camera around too much)

Pre-recorded VR will not be as interactive, but it could be almost as immersive, interesting and compelling.
We can’t wait for both.

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