Dancing Bikini Girl in 360 Degree Virtual Reality VR Video

Dancing Bikini Girl in 360 Degree VR Video. Six 90 degree shots were done in DAZ3D: Up, down, left, right, front, back. Then we combined them in equirectangular as individual movie frames. Then combined into animated movie. This is the left eye view only. Stereoscopic version, may come later, already rendered. We don’t have the Otoy OctaneVR rendering software, so we just made the cube faces by hand. Hope this gives you an idea where all this 3D Virtual Reality stuff is headed. Wait ’till you see some girls in swimsuits from a real studio, or a real video game company. When can you see more 360 girls in bikinis? You tube 360 videos work now with chrome. (Facebook soon) Android devices show 360 now. Gear Vr by Samsung works now. And this Holiday season Gear VR will release their consumer headset, and HTC Re Vive by Steam and Valve will also release their new headset. Sony plans to release project morpheus summer 2016. And finally Oculus just today announced they will release their CV1 or consumer oculus rift headset Q1 2016! Entertainment, Education, Games, Movies, – it’s all gonna change. What exciting times. We can’t wait. GIRLVR.

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