DAZ3D Renders used for Oculus DK1 Dancing Bikini Girl

DAZ3D Renders used for Oculus DK1 Dancing Bikini Girl. Way back in July 15, 2013 one of our staff here at GIRL VR published this stereoscopic girls dancing video on Youtube for the Oculus Developer Kit 1. He used DAZ3D models and rendered the stereoscopic pair in the DAZ3D software. The eye separation is a little different for the DK2 and now the Gear VR, but you get the idea. While so many people are focused on VR games, we believe that real videos and real photos are going to be just as big in the vr and 360 virtual reality world. The gear Vr does a full 360 degrees in stereoscopic but you only see about 90 degrees at a time. So let’s call that “smart vr” as the software in the mobile phone converts the 360 file into the 90 degrees that you are watching as you turn your head. So let’s call our first vr video “dumb vr”. Because the viewers position is fixed at 90 degrees and what you see is what you get. There will be many examples of “dumb vr” goggles and if one does a stereoscopic screen capture of the smart stuff, viewers can watch real vr on a dumb goggle like google cardboard, zeiss one, and zillions more.
Girls in Vr for the rest of us. Wow. GIRLVR (Real Girls and Rendered Girls in Virtual Reality)

Another staff member tried his hand rendering a girl for DK2 and Gear VR in “dumb vr” format. See Below. We expect to see all kind of rendered girls and we expect the “dumb vr” format to be very very popular as the HMDs for the “dumb vr” format will be cheaper and more widely available worldwide .

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