GIRLVR 3D 360 Photo – Model name is Beauty. Image is LAKE74L0750

360 Photos work in Chrome and on Android. May not work on some Internet Explorer or apple IOS.
Tips for Viewing 360 VR by GIRLVR. Tilt Phone to change angles. Click and Drag Image on Phone or Desktop. Square icon for Fullscreen. Goggles icon on Phone for Cardboard Type Viewers to see Stereoscopic 3D! Arrow to Exit. Download original file link below to view in Gear VR/Oculus/360Photos. Check back often for more Free VR Content, and Pay VR Content. ENJOY GIRL VR!

360 SWIMSUIT VR SHOOT 2016 by GIRLVR Model is BEAUTY. Image is LAKE74L0750.
Download 2D Monoscopic file Not Available (NA)
Download 3D stereoscopic file here

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