GIRLVR Calendar Girl 3D 360 VR Swimsuit Bikini Model Search

We are shooting the 2016 GIRLVR 3D 360 Swimsuit Bikini Stereoscopic Calendar now in Virtual Reality VR!

Soon we will be able to show you the “VR Model of the Month” (Miss VR) and “VR Model of the Year” (Miss VR 2016) in glorious 3D 360 virtual reality.

VR has so much potential. All you will need is a phone and a google cardboard, or the newer google plastic 2016 model. Of course, you can also use an Oculus Rift VR, a Gear VR, an HTC Vive pre, or even a PlayStationVR.

We Can’t wait!

GIRL VR .com

This just in from the Word Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain. February 21, 2016.

This changes everything! Now consumers can create their own 4k spherical 360 photos and 360 videos!

Samsung announces Gear 360 spherical camera, to work with new Galaxy 7 and Galaxy 7 Edge, and view on Gear VR.

You can view the 360 on your phone live with a special app. The Gear 360 looks like an eyeball and is about the

size of a tennis ball.

LG announces 360 Cam and LG VR headset with it’s own display so you don’t have to slide your phone into HMD.

Nikon will soon release their 360 4k spherical also, called KeyMission. It looks very rugged.

All three cameras appear to be about 4K, but monoscopic. (Because stereoscopic is hard! But Better!)

Soon we hope to let you see our VR Calendar Swimsuit content in real stereoscopic 3d.

For those of you without an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlaystationVR, Gear VR, LG VR, (Whew…);

we hope to have content you can just watch in any cardboard or plastic viewer without any special software.

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