How to Make VR 360 Videos for YouTube and Facebook in 2D and 3D.

How to Make VR 360 Videos for YouTube and Facebook in 2D and 3D.

Just get a 360 VR camera like the Ricoh Theta 360.  Or you could read all this stuff below.

Equirectangular is the format that YouTube, Facebook and Oculus use to make those weird vr 360 photos and videos. You might have seen them in videos like Noa Neal Graffiti 4K 360 Music Video Clip, or Red Bull F1 360 Experience. If you watch those in Explorer web browser you will see the weird curved equirectangular format. But if you use Chrome web browser you can see the spherical 90 degree view and use your mouse to move around and watch from any angle while the video is playing. Android phones also have an app to let the gyro do the same thing as you move your mobile smart phone around. Cool.

Equirectangular for YouTube, FaceBook, Oculus, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Sony Morpheus, etc.

Left Eye EquiRectangular 640 x 320









Spherical translation as seen thru smart HMDs above or thru dumb HMDs like Google cardboard that just have a lens.

Left Eye Sphere 480 x 480














Cube Faces

Left Eye Cube Faces 640 x 480














Side by Side Parallel 3D VR

Left and Right Eye Side by Side Parallel 960








Anaglyph 3D for Red/Blue Glasses.

Left and Right Eye Anaglyph 1080








So how is it done? You could make a 90 degree by 90 degree render or photo, for each face of a cube. (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom)

Let’s do One Eye for the Front Face Only for One Frame of our upcoming animation.  This one is rendered but the same could be true for photography or videography with say six gro pros looking at each cube face. (12 go pros if you want stereoscopic)

So, Let’s make a stereoscopic left and right 3D pair of a dancing girl for the Front Cube Face Only.

Let’s use the left eye only and make it equirectangular.

Let’s then make it spherical.

Now show the cube faces.

Now do a side by side girl.

Now do an anaglyph girl.

Now put the left and right in over / under format.

Now put the left and right in side by side format.

Now squeeze the over/under and side by side by half.

No just do this for all your frames in the animation. Don’t forget to ad the meta tags so it will play in youtube.

Lost? You could just take a  Ricoh Theta 360 2D picture. (It does the weird equirectangular format natively.) Much easier!

Or you could take two Ricoh Theta 360 and make stereoscopic (but don’t forget the pdeudostereo effect on the back side where left becaomes right and right becomes left.
Or you could render an image with OTOY. And you are done.
But if you don’t have those methods, we hope this helps you understand equirectangular and spherical videos a little better.


GIRLVR Real Girls and Rendered Girls in Virtual Reality

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