Jaunt Google Cardboard Misses the Mark – Like Barf City Lagtime not smart vr

Jaunt is good on Oculus Gear VR, but today we tried “Other Space” and “Visions of California” by Jaunt in a Zeiss VR One HMD with a Samsung Galaxy 5. What a disappointment. While we had no problem with the Paul McCartney video in Gear VR, (in fact it is great) these two videos made us really nauseated in Google cardboard. So now we are hesitant to try Jaunt’s other videos in Google Cardboard. (Elle, R5, Jack White: Third D, Black Mass, Kaiju Fury, The Mission, Revolt: Big Sean, the North face: Climb)

Our Definitions:
Smart VR lets you look at a video from any direction on the fly.
Dumb Vr would be a screen capture of a smart vr game or video. (not interactive – just canned.)

Smart VR like Oculus is good.
Google cardboard is not good or bad, it just depends on what video or game you feed it.
Google cardboard HMDs like cardboard and VR One, would be better off with Dumb VR that is already pre-rendered. At least for now for Jaunt Videos.

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