Oculus Goes Wireless (Not) And Gets Controller (Yes, two)

OK so Oculus had their press conference June 11 and the wires are just hidden on the images of the PC virtual reality headset. But there are two controllers. One from Microsoft Xbox and and original from Oculus that looks like rings for each hand. So…… ignore the rest of this post below which we posted in pure speculation.

In a few hours Oculus VR will have a press conference before the 2015 E3 convention. (June 11th) Many have speculated that Oculus will announce a new controller for their soon to be released consumer virtual reality headset. Others have predicted that the new Oculus Rift VR will be wireless, giving the user more freedom to explore virtual worlds. We say Oculus will do both. They will go wireless and reveal a new 3D controller.

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