Oculus VR and Facebook Get You Ready to be Teleported

Oculus VR and Facebook Get You Ready to be Teleported. Zuckerburg today may announce “Teleportation Station” at the F8 annual keynote at Facebook’s developer conference. Virtual travel is not far off with Oculus Rift VR and Gear VR both capable of fantastic journeys to real places without leaving your easy chair. Expected announcements might include a Messenger Platform as a way for companies to make games and apps for use right inside Messenger. Parse for IoT (the internet of things like thermostats and refidgerators) will also be available at the two day conference garage and demo area. And don’y forget ad tools. Ad tools is another way for facebook to make money like when you buy a ticket to a concert or reserve a hotel room. Facebook users are up 300% IN THE LAST FEW YEARS BUT fACEBOOK IS TRYING TO KEEP YOUNGER SURFERS HAPPY. Thursday Abash from Oculus VR will give a keynote on why virtual reality will matter to you, today and tommorrow. As for an accidental news leak….. well big companies sometimes are like politicians. GIRLVR (Real Girls and Rendered Girls in Virtual Reality)

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