Order Newest Gear VR for $99 – Samsung Now Shipping

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset | Samsung S6 | Samsung Note 5

It’s finally here!
Samsung Gear VR newest consumer version is shipping NOW!
Release date November 20, 2016.
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Enjoy Oculus Cinema, Arcade, 360 Photos, 360 Videos, Games and much more.
Portable Mobile VR has finally arrived.

You will also need a 2015 Samsung phone to work with the newest Gear VR.
Samsung Galaxy S6, 6+, Edge, Edge+


Technical notes:
We have been using the innovator edition with great success. It is a little hard to use and a little buggy sometimes and freezes. The newest consumer version is lighter and has a much better design. Let’s hope that some of the bugs have been worked out. In any event the VR real sense of presence is here. Other than the obvious gaming pleasures, we particularly like the real word apps. Like soccer, basketball, concerts, debates, events. Some of the best VR is of the closer objects in 3D VR like the cameraman, or the audience, or the furniture like a piano or chair. It is a little fuzzy but that will improve as the resolution improves. One interesting thing is the debate moderators look smaller than life size. Maybe the two stereo cameras are more than 2.5 inches apart leading to the miniaturization of the scene. This might mean that if you can get the cameras closer together, objects in the scene might appear gigantic. Hmm… this might give meaning to the phrase a vr girl might say: I’m ready for my close up. Another anomaly is that the democratic and republican debates were only filmed in 180 degrees and one stereo camera lens can see the other. To do away with this problem google, gopro, jaunt, ozo, lytro, and other high end vr cameras use at least three pairs of cameras for a true 360 surround and immersive view. Many use software to ‘tween the images. (Compute the in-between angles and fill in the rest.) The results are very stunning and realistic 3D vr of girls and boys, men and women, dogs and cats, and just about anything else you can imagine. Stay tuned. The virtual reality revolution has begun. You will not believe 3D VR until you see it coming to a face near you. And in addition to the Samsung Gear Vr, don’t forget the real Oculus VR headset coming Q1 2016, Sony Playstation VR in Q2 2016, and the HTC Vive coming soon.

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