Our Most Popular 360 Degree Bikini Video

This month we revisit our Most Popular 360 Degree Bikini Video to date. Please visit GIRLVR on Youtube and like us and comment. www.youtube.com/channel/UCxG8N73IMZ7EQdcQ2kxJOFw If you want we will make more 360 swimsuit bikini videos. This one was taken with 3 camera views and stitched together. (6 cams at 3 views for stereoscopic version) That’s a lot of trouble now that cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 will take two 180 degree views and stitch them semi-automatically at 4k res. LG has a 360 cam at a lower resolution. Vuze has a 360 stereo camera coming out in December. And Lucid Cam is a 180 stereo fisheye also coming in December. 360 Video just got easier!

So far our analysis reveals:
2D 360 is most popular style maybe since most platforms work 2D 360.
3D 360 over/under is not as popular since not so many people have stereoscopic viewers.
3D 360 anaglyph not as popular.
3D 360 side by side least popular. This is a surprise ’cause we thought this pre-recorded format would explode.
Time will tell because no software is needed an only a google cardboard viewer is required or you can even freeview.


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