Social VR Revealed Today in Rift VR’s Oculus Home and Oculus Store

Oculus just finished their June 11 pre-E3 press conference. It only took one hour instead of the expected two hours. Here are some of our notes. Social media will be visible without taking off the rift while you are in the Oculus Home and the Oculus Store. So along with the menu of games you can preview in vr, or buy, you can also see what your friends are playing and buying and what they think. Social Media is coming to VR. Maybe Facebook was not so dumb in buying Oculus after all.

You can stand as well as sit. Integrated Audio with removable ear pieces. Lens dial if your eyes are further apart or closer together. Eyeglasses can be worn under the HMD. Outside is fabric. Content includes EVE Valkyrie, Chronos by Gunfire games, Edge of Nowhere by Insomniac games, VR Sports Challenge, Esper, Lucky’s Tale. Microsoft Xbox one traditional controller. Oculus new input, half moon rings, one for each hand. GIRL VR

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