Sony Morpheus Games Demo at E3 Summer Lesson & Hatsune Miko

E3 2015 update. Sony demo of Summer lesson and Hatsune Miko.
Summer Lesson will be on the Sony project Morpheus HMD in Virtual Reality.
It is sort of a Japanese dating sim and looks really good in vr. Like she’s right there, is how
they put it. Part of the Tekken franchise by Namco. This vr girlfriend
plays the guitar or string instrument, and the girl sings. She is at abeachside sunny resort with beautiful clear skys. You can get real close and personal.

Sony morpheus also did a demo of Hatsune Miku by SEGA.
Hatsune Miko is more anime than Summer Lesson.
She gives sort of a vr concert as her synthesized digital personality.
Also looks good in vr.


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