This July Watch Google Jump VR made w 16 GoPro cams on YouTube

Yesterday, we told you about 6 gopro cameras for monoscopic vr. Today google announced 16 cameras for making stereoscopic vr videos. They will be fantastic because the 16 camera views in a circle are synthesized into thousands of views making the stereoscopic parallax shift in the background layers more like real vision. Presence if you will. Travel anywhere , see everything. Google calls the process Google JUMP. What’s the catch? Well the 16 camera array will be $8000 ish, and you send the data to google to be processed. So the type of content will be controlled by google. So only developers and producers will use the expensive technology at first. But it will be stunning, and the masses can watch it on youtube this july on the new improved google cardboard for $20. Of course, others will try to duplicate the process by other methods and vr viewers and hmds. GIRLVR

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