Where are all the VR Girls?

The Oculus Samsung Gear VR consumer model was released November 2015. So where is all the virtual reality content with the pretty vr girls?

To tell you the truth mature vr content is a little hard to find and enjoy. But that will change very soon. Even Playboy magazine has decided to put clothes on their models for their men’s magazine starting in 2016. We guess with all the free adult content available online, they just want to be sexy and exciting and interesting rather than completely nude.

In other news, Oculus has announced that in 2016 Rock Band VR will be available for the Oculus Rift. You can pretend you are playing the air guitar watching your fans and groupies just off the stage. Sounds like fun.

It seems that video games like this one will have most of the 3D stereoscopic vr content, while most 360 videos will just be 2D monoscopic. We hope that changes soon. Meanwhile, we will try to get you some real girl stereoscopic vr girl content in our GIRLVR.com gallery soon. With all the technology changing so fast this year it is hard to keep up. But 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for vr. We can’t wait!

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